GenSport United's Run of the Dragon

318 Curves in 11 Miles... An Experience of a Lifetime!


Who Are We?


GenSport United is a community supporting the Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform. Our goal is to grow awareness of this great car while providing Genesis Coupe owners with a means to learn more about their cars while developing lasting friendships. 

GenSport United was born from GenSport Carolinas which was started in 2010 with a primary goal of creating opportunities for owners to network socially and explore performance driving environments both competitive and simply for fun.

We have since grown from those humble beginnings to incorporate people come from all over North America to include Florida, Carolinas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, New Jersey and probably some others as well. We even have a few of our syrup drinking friends from beyond the northern border join us and we hope to continue to expand interest in Gensport with our Canadian friends.